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Edd Bateman's 

West African Love Affair


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From Senegal, to London and an eight date UK tour ‘Diamonds, Gold & Mobile Phones’ is the second, self-produced album by Edd Bateman’s West African Love Affair, this time recorded in a living room on a laptop in the troubled Casamance region of Senegal. The debut featured 15 guest musicians from 8 different West African nations dueting with Bateman on songs he had written in the traditional genre of their respective countries. This new release has retained the vibrant percussive and melodic complexity of traditional African music and subtly fused it with contemporary electronica.


The title track documents the terror experienced by people in mineral rich countries where tribal wars breakout over the control of these precious natural resources, diamonds, gold and rare earth minerals like the cobalt mined in Congo, a vital component to mobile phones, laptops and modern life.







“Diamonds, Gold & Mobile Phones is a positive cultural exchange which tells of the continued negative, exploitative trade based exchanges between Africa and Europe and, more recently, Africa and China that costs lives.” explains Bateman. “We are all carrying the blood of Congo in our pockets, purses or on our desks”.


The album celebrates a people and continent blessed with natural resources and blighted by human nature, the greed and corruption of foreign powers and some tribal leaders. The soon to be released video for the track ‘Casamance’ features Senegalese singer Tony Essamay, an old friend and Casamance countryside drinking pal of Bateman. The King of Oussoye who may only wear red and is not allowed shoes as he’s forbidden to leave the house so his spirit and decision making are not contaminated also graces the video but without his four wives, who no doubt make the housebound existence more bearable. More info on the band here

London Astrobeat Orchestra

Performs Talking Heads


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'London Astrobeat Orchestra' perform songs from the iconic Talking Heads' 'Stop Making Sense' movie, live. Focusing on tracks from the cult classic albums ‘Remain In The Light’ and ‘Speaking in Tongues’ the ‘London Astrobeat Orchestra’ are a funky, rhythmic, hypnotic, anthemic, uplifting, groovy, percussive, smack on point, earth-shatteringly tight, live band. 

“This is The Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense delivered live & with a degree of raw, cosmic, human energy that will totally, utterly & completely blow your wig off..!”…..(World Headquarters)

Selling out their first 4 debut shows at The Jazz Café, London, the band were affectionately nicknamed the 'African Talking Heads'.

They comprise, quite honestly of the finest West African session musicians alive on this planet today... With legendary band leader & Bassist Edd Bateman hosting rhythmic influences from Senegal, Guinea Conakry, Mali, Cameroon and Congo. Featuring Lingala singer and soukous aristocrat ‘King Fire’, blues rock and astropheric soundscaping guitarist and vocalist ‘Julian Burdock’, Guinean Master Griot kora player ‘Mosi Conde’, the mbalax rhythm machine Badou N'Diaye and Mandinka percussionist 'Modou Cissokho'.

When you consider the afrobeat vibes, that run through all the best Talking Heads albums, it's both appropriate & correct that this collective of musicians, from West Africa, Europe & beyond should offer this completely unique, razor sharp, liquid funk & jaw-droppingly tight take, on the finest of Mr David Byrne & Co's timeless compositions. More info on the band here